ACTION over Fear

Lead Yourself first – Crisis leadership

Business Coaching Program

In my 30 years as business executive, I lived similar situations but found every time, tremendous comfort and inspiration reading - The Serenity Prayer - which I am re-proposing here, hoping that will have the same effect on you.

“Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference”.

What this prayer has inspired me to do now, is to think about what I can control and what I have to offer to the business community I work in, to help overcome this turbulent time.

What Is It?

Lead Yourself first – Crisis leadership

Business Coaching Program - Summary

Session 1 Tri EQ debrief - full communication plan as takeaway

Session 2 The Master Skill - Setting & Achieving Goals

Session 3 SWOT Analysis – Create 1-page Strategic Plan

Session 4 Form a Mastermind Group

Session 5 Delegate Effectively – Part 1

Session 6 Delegate Effectively – Part 2

Session 7 Simplify Your Work & Life – Part 1

Session 8 Simplify Your Work & Life – Part 2

Session 9 Manage Stress – Stress Quotient Assessment

Session 10 Take Responsibility – Law of Self Control

Session 11 Execute with Excellence – Meshing Strategy with Reality

Session 12 The 1000% Rule – Become Everything You are Capable of Being

What It Does For You.

The following Business Coaching program has been specifically designed to help you, Business people, invest your time, on the things that you can control and that will set you apart from others when all this will be over.

In fact, there is no bad time to get the right help to focus on yourself and on your business. Work on your mindset, on your physical and mental health, on controlling your stress and on your personal and professional development.

Focus on your future, on building a strategic plan, and on learning new things that can help you become a better leader when all this will be behind us. It’s the perfect time to learn more about youself and how to effectively communicate to others, how to best delegate, and properly set goals.

What's It Include?

Personalized Tri EQ assessment, study guide and exercise material - BONUS Eat That Frog E-Book.

How Do You Use It?

This Business coaching program has been designed to be delivered in 3 months, 12 weekly ONE on ONE classes of 60/90 minutes each. You will be in the comfort and privacy of your home (or office) and you will be working in video conference with Coach Luca. No special equipment is required; just a computer, headset or speakers and a mic, and internet connection.

A significantly reduced rate will be used to support the business community. Call to reserve you preferred slot of time as the space is limited and this offer expires at the end of April 2020.