The Entrepreneurial Growth Course 2.0 - Virtual Business Coaching opportunity

Are you ready to grow your business 2021?
The Entrepreneurial Growth Course 2.0 is designed for you, the business owner or professional services provider, in need of a business model that grows your customer base, increases your bottom-line, and reduces your stress.
During live small-group discussion sessions held weekly with Coach Luca, you will learn specific strategies to help increase organization, focus and productivity so you can successfully overcome current challenges and grow your business.
At the end of the course you will be empowered with the knowledge, the skills and the right attitude to grow and win on your own terms. Achieve Positive, Lasting Change to your behavior and habits so that you can focus on your highest value activities and achieve the success you deserve.

Week by Week: Proven Concepts and Methods for Dynamic and Sustained Growth

The Entrepreneurial Growth Course was designed to equip business owners and self-employed professionals with powerful business tools, methods, skills and knowledge that will enable them to dramatically grow their business at an accelerated pace. Based on proven strategies and tactics derived from thousands of successful businesses, this 10-session course creates clarity, competence, and an entrepreneurial mindset to achieve success. You will learn:

Behaviors: Styles – Self – Others
Did you know you could be missing as much as 75 percent of your sales with a one-size-fits-all approach? Learn how to customize your message and effectively communicate with the potential customers you’re currently missing.
Mindset: Cycles – Roles – Goals
In this session you will devise goals and understand key roles to play to ensure the ongoing health of your business. Learn to distinguish between a dream, wish and a true goal.
Strategic Plan: Strategy – Tactics – Plans
Learn how to create a simpler, more direct plan that will play to your strengths and lead to greater growth. It is about doing less, not more.
Metrics: Formulas – Financials – Dashboard
Regular monitoring of key performance metrics in your business is key to growing your revenue and increasing profitability. You’ll learn to define your Key Results Indicators and create your Key Performance Indicators.
Customers: Scope – Ideals – Cares
Your ability to identify and satisfy your core customers is critical to your success. We’ll introduce tools and techniques to help identify and retain your highest-value customers, as well as to identity and strengthen competitive advantages to distinguish your business from the competition.
Marketing: Messaging – Positioning – Branding
Without quality prospects, there can be no sales. The Golden Rule of selling is to spend more time focused on better prospects. It starts with a targeted marketing plan. In this session, you’ll gain the tools to answer WHY your prospects are drawn to your product or service.
Sales: Qualify – Present – Convert
Now that you have invested time, money and energy in creating a marketing plan for your company and personal brand, it’s time to reap the rewards of increased sales. Learn the key questions that will give you a distinct advantage over competitors, resulting in more closed sales and more satisfied customers.
Constraints: Concept – Current – Construct

As a business grows, invariably there are choke points that slow or limit its rate of growth. In this session, you will learn to identity the constraints that are holding you back and develop a plan to overcome them.

What Does It Do For You?

This group coaching course is specifically developed to help you grow your business, be more organized and focused, so you can successfully overcome current challenges while building a better business. At the end of the course you will be empowered with the knowledge, the skills and the right attituded to grow and win on your own terms.

What Does It Include?

This group course is delivered virtually during a 3 months , 10 weekly classes of about 90 minutes each - 8 in a group setting and 2 individual sessions .
The course includes a personalized "Talent Insights" which combines behavioral assessment and driving forces with personal debrief 50+ pages report - Study guide already organized in a specific big binder - Exercise book.

When Is The Next Class?

Contact me to find out when next class is scheduled

What Does The Course Cost?

The cost is $450 a month for 3 months.

Available incentives for early sign ins!