FocalPoint Assessment Center

In exclusive partnership with TTI Success Insights

The world’s leading source for research-based, validated assessment and coaching tools that enable organizations to effectively meet their talent management needs, using our own patented solutions and products.

  • - Over 30 million assessments administered worldwide.
  • - Distributed in 115 countries and 47 languages.
  • - 2018 and 2019 Top Company in the Assessment and Evaluation industry.

Why are the Assessments so Critical for your success?

  • - The market has never been so competitive than today.
  • - Businesses need performance, no room for mistakes.
  • - Gain A deeper knowledge of yourself and of the people around you so you can leverage your own and your team's strengths
  • - Hire, Retain and Motivate the BEST people.
  • - Must learn how to communicate EFFECTIVELY.

What Do they do for you?

  • - You will discover what you really like and what you are really good at
  • - How to communicate to others and how you want to be comunicated to.
  • - What value you bring to the organization
  • - What motivates you and others to do certain things
  • - Help you create the ideal candidate for you team so you can benhmark it aganst your candidates
  • - Identify the right person for the job.

What Do they Include?

  • - 50/60 pages Assessment reports that you can study and share with others.
  • - 60/90 Minutes debrief performed direclty with Coach Luca Setti to help you maximize the value of the assessment
  • - Group Debrief are also availabe for teams

How do you take them?

The assessment are available ONLINE and tipically last 30/40 minutes.